I'm using the instructions I received in my first request's approval, which say we can do this if another personal computer is incorrectly detected as commercial: "repeat the process and fill out an additional form for this/these TeamViewer ID(s)". Go here and plead your case...https://www.teamviewer.com/en/support/commercial-use-suspected/. I am having this issue today as well. Same here. They don't want or care about us. Re: Submitted form for private use and no response? It looks like they discontinued the Free Version and didn't bother to take a moment to inform everyone. Recall that I said it was working through a session earlier today. I couldn't afford to purchase.Maybe they changed the detection programming ? The next day, I got a message back from TeamViewer that my account was unblocked. THEY ARE REFUSING TO HELP US/TELLING US TO HELP OURSELVES. WASTE of time! I then filled out the 'usage reset' form to have the commercial flag cleared, which was successful. Both said my ID was RESET. Your license limits the maximum session durat, Re: Unable to connect: Connection blocked after Timeout. I have a free version and I suddenly changed from free to commercial use. There are thousands of us who aren't getting any support with this problem. I only use this for personal use. This morning, I got the good news that my account was unblocked. TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially! I also had this issue exactly a year ago. I was hoping to hear from TeamViewer by now, what is the sense of talking to each other without getting any solutions. Connecting to this device requires a valid Teamviewer license for your connection partner". @Josette Too bad the management doesn't authorize the moderators to spend time to help solve the problem instead of tidying up the message board. The account is stuck saying thank you for upgrading. YES and on Twitter @TeamViewer and @TeamViewer_help. It displays this message: "Your request has already been submitted and is pending further review.

Failed with the same error message each time. They either can't reset it, there is something else in the TV network stopping it, or there are other steps I must take to make it work. I am using teamviewer from Starbucks internet and connecting to my home computer. I am just a home user using this to accessing my personal computers from other personal devices. The issue still exists. Teamviewer start doing the same thing for the third time since I use Teamviewer to help my family and friends with the computer problems. Not a word since. I have since replied to the same email twice asking for confirmation of receipt of the document and I haven't heard anything back. Has anyone else ran into this, and does anyone know how to clear this (or connect to an actual support rep that can)?

Could you please reset my account so I could help my family? Re: TeamViewer thinks I’m using the software commercially! 1) not being able to enter my 13 character teamviewer ID, 2) not being able to generate the PDF so that I may upload it in the next step. Raising false flags ? I'm not going to get into it again here.

There is no commercial use, and our use is mostly a few sessions every month lasting about 5-10 minutes or so. Today, our primary user was *successfully connected*, then he had the session time out, and when tried to immediately reconnect but now gets "unable to connect (unknown reason)".

I am not using it for commercial only for my personal use. As well, I may have forgotten to mention the other problem with the form is that it won't generate a PDF.

I can only log in with my 13 character ID but the reset form https://www.teamviewer.com/en/reset-management/ only allows 12. I'm just posting this to say it's pretty lousy that 5400+ posts later this is STILL HAPPENING.
I have been using teamviewer for a log time and I use it to access my desktop a lot while I am 3.5 hours away at school. yep. After getting the "commercial use suspected" message I diligently followed the support instructions and completed the Declaration of Private Use form.

It can only be done by a specific team who only responds to those forms.There is no alternate contact method for this issue. They have done this to every one of us on the Free Version.

It'd be unfortunate if it were no longer available! Your help or advice would  be greatly appreciated as in these Covid times my Dad is extremely isolated without my ability to help him remotely. TeamViewer works great so I can check my home pc but all of a sudden  it some how thinks I'm using it commercially and kills connection after 5 minutes kinda annoying is there a fix for this? Three seconds later go to TV and received the same Commercial Use messge.
I contacted support and they gave me a form to sign for a declaration of private use, which I signed and emailed back to them the same day or the day after. You guys can continue to ignore the forms I sent in 2 weeks ago if you like, I've deleted the software and moved on. I passed on how I, like all of us, have: 1. We use Teamviewer so 2 of the 3 volunteers at a small radio station can do the content programming for the station. (I've received the reset confirmation email both times I submitted the reset PDF). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 先日、リモートアクセスで遠隔にあるパソコンを操作・設定できる TeamViewer アプリケーションをご紹介しました。, リモートアクセスで接続する側、接続される側、ともに TeamViewer をダウンロードし、上記設定をしてくださいね。, 以降、接続される側のパソコンを PC-α 、接続される側のパソコンを PC-β とします。, 以上の手順で、PC-β から PC-α へリモートアクセスで接続し、パソコン操作のサポートを実施することができます。, 中年 SE は、このように Teamviewer を使用して家族のパソコンを日々サポートしているのです!!, ただし、接続する側、接続される側のウィルス対策ソフトの設定等で、上手くリモートアクセスできない場合もありますので、その際は、公式ホームページを見てくださいね!, Teamviewer を覚えておくと、仕事でも便利だし、友人にサポートを頼まれた時も便利ですよ!!, middle-aged-seさんは、はてなブログを使っています。あなたもはてなブログをはじめてみませんか?, Powered by Hatena Blog Thanks again in advance. Can you help me resolve this issue so I can continue using Teamviewer? Thank you for your patience as we process your request.". I just tried to logon to a friends PC and I got a message on my side saying it looks like I am using it for commercial use. I have been on maybe 4 to 6 times in the last year is all. I never realized this untill I saw the many other posts. Teamviewer does not work for me with the same kinds of messages.