The eleventh card in the Major Arcana, Justice (XI) is a tricky card to interpret, as its meaning is often dependent on your past behavior. If you have a secret desire or you no longer feel as strongly about them as you once did, it is imperative that you tell them now. This dishonest behavior is eating you up inside and causing fractures in your relationships. This card can also be a sign of infidelity or unresolved trauma from a prior affair. You will not be able to make this decision alone — you must ask for advice, even if that makes you feel vulnerable. Decent, law-abiding individuals are represented by Justice. The World card suggests that your career will flourish or that you will live a transformative romantic adventure. It can also be a sign of lying or acting unethically. Even when the card is upright, you can expect to receive a comeuppance if you are guilty of having lied to or cheated a partner in the past. TRUE LOVE - 3.女神 (エロス) - 4.エンジェル - 5.DAYS - 6.タイムマシーン - 7.ハートブレイク - 8.GET UP BOY - 9.GIRL FRIEND - 10.Another Orion - 11.Snow Crystal - 12.DO NOT - 13.Go the Distance - 14.わらの犬 - 15.風の時代 - 16.Moonlight Magic - 17.Stay with me. The Justice card depicts a woman in a red cloak with a crown on her head.

These consequences made be good or bad, but your decision was made under a haze of confusion. In an actual court of law, any legal disputes you are involved in will be resolved in your favor. Since the right side of the body is the logical one and the left side is the intuitive one, holding one object in each hand conveys that both logic and intuition are necessary to dispense justice. Tell the truth and face the consequences of your actions. You will have a long and happy marriage that is based on trust, honesty, and communication. The meaning of Justice in a relationship reading depends on how you have treated people in the past. You are being treated unfairly at work. A reversed Justice card indicates dishonesty and an inability to take responsibility for one’s actions. Set up a meeting with your supervisor and ask for fairer treatment. If your partner has shown opposition to getting married or having children, the two of you will soon be on the same page.

If this does not go well, ask for a transfer or start looking for a different job. The meaning of Justice upright in a relationship reading depends on how you have treated people in the past. In her right hand she holds an upwards-pointing sword, while in her left she holds scales made of gold. Try to approach future choices with a clearer head. If you’ve been slacking off in these areas, you should reevaluate your lifestyle choices and make health a priority — your relationships and overall quality of life will benefit significantly from it. If you feel as if you are being sabotaged or taken advantage of, Justice is a reminder to approach the situation calmly and with logic. Drawn in the future position, Justice means that any past wrongs you have suffered will be righted.