Inoran (together with ken from L'Arc-en-Ciel) was approached by Fender and signed the endorsement contract; his signature model is based on a 1959 Jazzmaster. He loved playing baseball when he was in school. Inoran said in an interview that Cipher is a person who has changed his life. ロックにこんにちは。みなさんは、ビジュアル系の音楽をいつも楽しんでいますか。 今回はX JAPAN(エックスジャパン)でも活躍中の... ロックにこんにちは。みなさんは、ビジュアル系の音楽をいつも楽しんでいますか。 今回は男らしいプレイスタイルのベーシスト、LUNA ..., ロックにこんにちは。みなさんは、ビジュアル系の音楽をいつも楽しんでいますか。 今回は幼少期から鍛えた筋肉が魅力のドラマー、DのHIRO …, ロックにこんにちは。みなさんは、ビジュアル系の音楽をいつも楽しんでいますか。 今回は電子タバコのVAPE好きギタリスト、the Rai …, ロックにこんにちは。みなさんは、ビジュアル系の音楽をいつも楽しんでいますか。 今回は小柄でパワフルなドラマー、Plastic Tree …, ロックにこんにちは。みなさんは、ビジュアル系の音楽をいつも楽しんでいますか。 今回は長い黒髪で片目を隠したボーカリスト、DのASAGI …, ロックにこんにちは。みなさんは、ビジュアル系の音楽をいつも楽しんでいますか。 R指定(R-Shitei)といえば、若い女子の心を捉えた …, ロックにこんにちは。みなさんは、ビジュアル系の音楽をいつも楽しんでいますか。 今回は金髪きのこヘアの野球好きベーシスト、MUCC(ムッ …, Fender Custom Shop / INORAN Jazzmaster #1, Fender Custom Shop / INORAN Jazzmaster #2, Electro-Harmonix/POG2Electro-Harmonix/SMALL CLONE, Prescription Electronics Inc/Experience Fuzz.
and Mucc. In April the song "Love For...", which he and Orange Range guitarist Naoto created in 2010 for the Haiti earthquake, was offered for download once again.


[7], In May 2010, Inoran and Orange Range guitarist Naoto created and released the song "Love For..." for the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. !” at Shinjuku ReNY (2016/11/16) - 同年7月15日のライブを収録, RollingStone presents THE ROCK GARAGE(2012年9月21日、恵比寿liquidroom), Muddy Apes / ART-SCHOOL(2012年12月28日、Shibuya O-EAST), Come on Tequila!! on February 23, 2013, for the concert Fake? Feeder's bass player Taka Hirose played on Inoran's next single, "Hide and Seek". [21][22] Another aged Olympic White model, "Inoran Road Worn Jazzmaster", was released in 2015. [10] Inoran's album Dive Youth, Sonik Dive was released on June 27, 2012 and includes "Lemontune", a song originally by Fake?. The tour for the album, entitled Butterfly Effect, incorporated an international extension to perform overseas again, this time in Hong Kong in November, before the tour finale back in Japan. In 1991, they changed their name to Luna Sea and released their first album. They went on to become very successful, having sold more than 10 million certified units in Japan, and are considered one of the most influential bands in the visual kei movement.
Inoran does not sing on the album (except the title track), instead it features several different female vocalists.[2]. It includes a cover of hide's "Pink Spider" and was followed by a nationwide tour in September. One Shot Night Osaka(2013年8月27日、Shangri-La), Come on Tequila!!

", which sounded like "Inoran".

The following month his debut album, also titled Sou, was released on October 22. [15], He released his next studio album, Beautiful Now, on August 26, 2015. He rejoined Luna Sea when they reunited in 2010, and in 2012 formed Muddy Apes with bassist Taka Hirose and guitarist Dean Tidey, both from Feeder, and 8otto's vocalist Maeson. When Luna Sea "drew the curtain" in 2000, Inoran started Fake? inoranのプライベート inoranとjの出会い.

with Oblivion Dust vocalist Ken Lloyd a year later.

He has also been known to occasionally use Stratocasters, Jaguars, Gibson Les Pauls, and ES-335s. Kiyonobu Inoue (井上 清信, Inoue Kiyonobu, born on September 29, 1970 in Hadano, Kanagawa), better known exclusively by his stage name Inoran, is a Japanese musician, singer and songwriter.

In middle school through high school, Inoran became good friends with J, and they formed a band called Lunacy in 1986. Inoran has two younger brothers.