Client Options : [V] A;ways Up (Keep Alive), Portal Message : Welcome to SSL VPN Service, VPN → SSL → Portals → 選擇指定的項目 Exp. config firewall internet-service-custom 只有 hostname / Internal IP 不同 / wan IP 不同), 設定 HA 的模式 : FGCP Active-Active HA (這模式最多可以設定到四台 FortiGate, 經過一小段時間 HA 燈號會亮起 (如果是綠燈表示 HA 正常, 橘燈表示 HA 異常), 如果對自動選擇的 Master 不滿意, 可以透過設定 priority 來指定(越大的數值優先當 Master), 針對 Port Mapping (WAN 連入 Internal) (Virtual IP) 特定來源(黑名單)IP 設定技巧,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Configure the HQ2 FortiGate. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. For Remote Device Type, select FortiGate. FortiGate 200D 連外實體IP設定 FortiGate 200D校園電腦連外,預設都會帶一個固定的實體IP,若是想要區分不同的內部虛擬IP帶不同 的實體IP,可以此參考下面做法。 本校網路環境使用一整個Class B,沒有做VLan,防火牆沒有DMZ。

The internal interface connects to the corporate internal network. Configure the Remote Subnets as The following commands are useful to check IPsec phase1/phase2 interface status. You could list your custom object after you create one like below. next set protocol 6 Change ). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. So , You could now take advantage of this feature ISDB and manage the Dynamic changes of IP address. next addr ip range(1): 200.X.X.X-200.X.X.X, >You could also Add more IP address that you feel ISDB missing for an application by just creating a custom object mentioning the master-service-id, # config firewall internet-service-custom, (internet-service~tom) # show Microsoft ( - An online productivity suite provided by Microsoft. edit 1 NOTE: ISDB updates require active FortiCare support contact, no FortiGuard subscription required. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! set master-service-id 3604481 Exp. NOTE: I have chosen Application GitHub just for my examples. end. Click Next. This feature was introduced in FortiOS v5.4 and above. WAN1 : GW:, 預計設定 WAN1 的 Port 80 / 443 → / 443, 定義 VIP : Polocy & Objects → Objects → Virtual IPs, 定義 Policy : Policy & Objects → Policy → IPv4, 如果 Policy 中有啟動 NAT 轉過去的內部 Server 來源 IP 就會是 Fortigate 的 IP, Exp. edit 1 ( Log Out /  >FortiOS also lets you to create your own custom ISDB, this helps customer to manage their own list on top of what FortiOS is offering. A  feature called Internet service DB(ISDB) is introduce on ForitOS.